You may observe some water spots on your windows. They are caused by minerals contained in hard water – magnesium and calcium. When the window gets wet, the water will evaporate and leave the minerals behind. Garden sprinklers or car washes can cause your windows to stain. These mineral deposits are alkali in nature and they need an acid to get rid of them. Here are a few household ingredients you can use.
Vinegar solution. You should fill a squirt bottle with half water and half vinegar. The best kind of vinegar to use is the plain kind that is well distilled. This kind of vinegar is not expensive and it is very effective. A more concentrated solution will be more effective. This means you can adjust the vinegar water ratio according to the severity of your water spots.
Take the squirt bottle and spray the solution on the glass. Make sure you saturate the spots well with the solution. Give the vinegar time to soak, you can also reapply in some spots that are stubborn and hard to remove. Apply the same solution on a soft towel and wipe the best window IN HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA . You do not have to use your hand to scrub them off.
There are some stubborn stains that will require more time for vinegar to work on them. Let the vinegar do its thing and you can reapply areas that are drying up. You can use a dry towel to wipe off the vinegar off your windows. You can spray you windows one more with the solution then wipe it off with a dry soft towel. Your windows will be clean as new.
There are other natural products you can use. You can replace vinegar with lemon juice. Lemon juice has the same acidic properties like vinegar. It is as effective as vinegar. You should go for fresh lemon, it is more effective than bottled lemon juice. Before cutting the lemon, you should roughly roll it over a hard place – this will make it easier to extract the juice.You could call to CAMILLE at 714-925-0412.

After extracting the juice, you can use a squirt bottle or apply it on a towel then wipe your windows. There are those people who prefer rubbing the lemon on the glass directly. You should cut the lemon into two and use the pieces to rub your windows. You will need to apply a small amount of pressure. As with vinegar, you should allow it soak before wiping it off.
There is something called orange or lemon essential oil that is also effective in hard water spot cleaning. Essential oils are gaining a lot of popularity as they are associated with cleaning and health benefits. Essential oils that are citrus bases can be used to clean your window. They also act as water repellants hence preventing future formation of the spots.
There are a lot of abrasive cleaners in the market. This are powder cleaners that are applied on the affected surface. Before you apply the cleaner, you should first wet the surface. This will allow the powder to stick on the window.

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